101 Lessons for GREAT Call Center Managers Lesson #10

Recognize how outbound, inbound, sales, customer care, E-mail and web-chat blend in your call center.

What has your call center done in the past few years to embrace complete call center opportunities? What can you do going forward to enhance the opportunities as they relate to the call center?

The whole customer experience brand involve the call center.  Your messaging and your training all fly back into the process of customer experience. It is important to think through how you want the customer to hear and understand your business. 

Not every company believes in the very best experience for customers.  Some companies realize their customers are transient and therefore provide only the very best service for those very best non-transient customers.  Training on phone skills is one aspect but there is so much more.  Like training on what to do when the best premier customer reaches out via social, email, chat, or by phone.  How to approach the best customer, very important. 

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