101 Lessons for GREAT Call Center Management e-book

101 Lessons for GREAT Call Center Management e-book. How to be successful managing call centers

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Don't even wait, download this e-book asap!  It is amazing how much knowledge and training your call center managers will receive after reading 101 Lessons for Call Center Management.  It is so valuable to know your management group will comes up with creative and impact-driven call center programs, tactics, ideas and strategies to make their people perform better.  The perfect book for call center supervisors and managers and trainers.  Each lesson is ideal to implement right-away in your contact center.  Such a fast and easy read; yet so pertinent to manage better inside sales and customer service.  You will find your meetings centered around these lessons.  "Let's explore lesson 12...or lesson 25...or lesson 56, and do that one in the call center"!

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